Personally serving
Each client with distinction

Personally serving each client with distinction

As we welcome you to our team, you’ll find that we take a thoughtful and methodical approach to bringing each client on board. That’s because you are the most important asset our team has, and we want to ensure that our high level of service can be customized for each and every client.

We feel it’s vital that each of our dedicated professionals gets to know you or your organization personally in order to serve you best. In fact, every member of our team simply wants to know, appreciate and truly enjoy the relationship we have with you – growing more invested along the way as we deliver the best possible service and support.

Our personalized client on-boarding process provides a strong foundation for establishing our long-term professional relationship. We invest the time to help ensure all bases are covered, all details are addressed and all parties are on the same page.

Day 1: Beginning our relationship

Gain mutual understanding of each other’s goals and the process to help achieve them. Signing of new account paperwork and forms needed for transferring your accounts, followed by a series of communications introducing you to our office and Apollon Wealth.

Why we do it: Start off our relationships on the right foot, set goals, and schedule meetings for the coming year.

Within 30 days: Investment process & policy review meeting

Discuss and set expectations, review our investment process discussed earlier and reaffirm commitment to your investment policy.

Why we do it: Everyone listens differently when receiving information. This meeting provides an opportunity to follow up, calibrate and reaffirm our commitment to the plan we developed together.

Within 45 days: Service commitment meeting

Walk through services, including online access and cash management tools; set up statement and communications preferences.

Why we do it: Ensure the service we deliver is in line with your expectations and serves your needs as best as possible.

Within 90 days: Wealth management plan meeting

Review your personalized, comprehensive financial plan; reassess and reprioritize your goals if necessary.

Why we do it: Set a schedule for the coming months to make sure all open items are addressed in a timely manner.

Ongoing: Regular progress meetings

These include annual reviews, review of investments and your financial plan, and assessing progress and recommending adjustments. We also host timely year-end planning meetings to help mitigate your tax burden.

Why we do it: Monitor progress and reprioritize goals when necessary to keep moving forward as planned.