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Research & Insights


COVID-19 Real Time Update 1.25.2021

COVID-19 Real Time Update 1.21.22

COVID-19 Real Time Update 1.11.2021

Introduction to Hedge Funds

ESG  Data Perspectives (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

Is Big Tech All You Need?

Evaluating Year-End Planning Opportunities Amid Tax Reform Uncertainty

Navigating Retirement - Choosing an Appropriate Spending Strategy

COVID-19 Real Time Update 11.16.20

Use It or (Potentially) Lose It

Sept 2020 Monthly Review - Tech Tumbled, Ended Risk Asset Rally

The Evolution of the Super Saver Strategy

Three Tax-Planning Strategies to Consider Before Year-End

Asset Class Summaries June 2020

Market and Research Review May 2020

Key Considerations for Individuals Considering a Change in Residence

Market and Research Review May 2020

What Happens in March Stays in March

Market Research Review 04/29/2020

In Focus-Whatever It Takes

Emerging Markets-Better than Expected

COVID-19 Model Update

An Unprecedented Shock 


Stimulus (Hopefully) to the Rescue 

Broader Investment Perspectives in the Face of COV-19 

Volatility in Context 

Maintaining Longer-Term Perspective 

Fed Goes to Zero, Reboots Quantitative Easing 

Saudi Arabia and Russia Face Off 

Off Cycle Fed Cut 

Coronavirus Fears Drive Markets Lower

Equities Retreat on Coronavirus

Credit's Evolution 

Private Markets - Creating Value 

Risk Revival 

Fed Stays Course 

2020 Outlook: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 

Knowledge College 12/31/2019

Opportunity Zones 

Sweeping New Retirement Plan Reform 

How Badly Will a Recession Impact Your Portfolio?

Christmas Comes Early for Risk Markets 

Asset Location

Is Value Dead?

Fear the FOMO 

Gold Savior or Fraud 

Private Markets - Our Philosophy 

Real Estate's Value in Portfolios

Natural Resource Equities

The Reality of Opportunity Zones

Active vs. Passive Debate

Private Equities 

Total Return Vs. Investor Return 

Fyre Festival, Bitcoin & Investing 

College Planning

Estate Planning

Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts 

Tax Planning

Itemized Deductions

Year End Tax Planning Opportunities


Navigating Retirement

Risk Management

Females Dealt Unfair Hand

Social Security & Medicare