Starting with People

At Apollon New England, every relationship begins with people and a conversation. Getting to know what is important to our clients is essential. Understanding their goals, their views on risk and what they are passionate about not only provides a strong foundation for a relationship of trust, it also provides the foundation for creating a comprehensive financial plan.  No two people are the same, and financial plans should be as unique as the individuals they are created to serve.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

The Map

We all have a financial journey, and no matter where we meet with you along yours, successful achievement of your goals will depend largely on a financial plan.  The cornerstone of our process is the creation, maintenance and updating of a comprehensive financial plan; a plan that is focused on your goals and values.  This plan guides the financial journey and decision making to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future.

Investment Advisory Services

Bring us your plan

If your financial success is a result of already having an effective financial plan in place, our team at Apollon offers clients supplementary investment advisory services. In these circumstances, we work with a client’s existing financial plan to help determine your best asset allocations. We’re always guided by what is best for the client, it’s part of our fiduciary responsibility to you.

Business Transition

The Biggest Transaction You Will Have

We recognize that for business owners, their business is not only the most important asset they have, it is also one of the most personal.  The considerations about how and when to transition your business involve not only the dollars and cents, but often family dynamics, lifestyle, reputation and community.  Our team works with business owners to assess when a business transition is appropriate and what structures would best achieve the business owner’s multiple goals.

This process, like all our client work, typically begins with comprehensive financial planning for the business owners to understand what their personal needs are from the transition and then undertakes to review structures, markets and opportunities to bring other advisors and experts to the discussion to put plans into action.  With what may be the most impactful financial transaction of a client’s life, it is never too early to begin the discussion.

Your success is our success. Get started on your personalized financial plan.