Mobilizing Wealth for Priceless Purposes

At Catalyst Apollon, we are driven by a steadfast vision to create generations of flourishing families. Wisdom, growth, simplicity, and generosity are the values that unite us with our clients.

It All Started on a Napkin

Catalyst emerged in 2009 from a conversation among our founders, where the initial blueprint of our business plan was sketched out on a napkin at a restaurant. Driven by their dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for clients and industry professionals, including CPAs and attorneys, our founders set out to establish a company that would empower individuals with autonomous control over their finances.

In the midst of exploring various names, Catalyst stood out as a pivotal choice, symbolizing the ability to propel individuals towards positive directions and inspire proactive actions. As Catalyst has evolved to Catalyst Apollon, our unwavering commitment remains centered around assisting clients in implementing constructive strategies that enhance their lives, support their families, and create a lasting legacy for future generations.

Meet The Team

Your money has an important job โ€” to work hard for you.

That is why the Catalyst Apollon logo, an ancient Greek sailing vessel called a Trireme, symbolizes our core philosophy in how we deliver financial planning to our clients. The Trireme warship was on the cutting edge of technology and at its peak in the 8th century B.C., was the most sophisticated military vessel in the world.

Easy to maneuver and built for speed with three rows of oars on each side, it took 170 men โ€” 85 per side โ€” to make up the crew of one Trireme. The ship incorporated advanced sailing tactics when winds were at its back while at the same time maintaining the ability to break out powerful rowing techniques when waters were choppy, and the wind was unfavorable.

The Catalyst Apollon brand depicts this ancient sailing vessel and highlights the propelling impact of strategically minimizing taxes and investing in the market and beyond. The relevance of this strategy holds true today as building and sustaining long-term wealth over a lifetime requires sailing and rowing-type disciplines. That means growth investment strategies and tax savings techniques when the investment trends are smooth and favorable (sailing) and risk management beyond the market when investment trends are choppy or unfavorable (rowing).

This is the Catalyst Apollon way.

It is never too early to start a conversation.