Our 4-Step Catalyst Apollon Planning Process

The Catalyst Planning Process consists of four steps necessary to holistic financial planning. We believe walking through these four steps will set you up for success for your career, retirement, and beyond. We’ll help guide and simplify the process every step of the way.

Family Wealth Strategy

Goals: Address the most pressing topic(s) on your mind; clarify your top financial goals, needs, and concerns; explore your Financial Planning Assessment to dive deeper into key topics.


Investment Strategy

Goals: Organize and optimize your investment accounts into “purpose” categories; assess and establish a risk/opportunity level and the timeline for each category; outline our custom recommendations to enhance your investment strategy.



Goals: Discover what else can be done to minimize or defer taxes; strategize for how you can use the tax law and incentives to help with your family wealth objectives; delve into a recommended idea list for tax savings with an action plan.

Wealth Building Strategy

Goals: Demo your new Investment and Planning Dashboards; check progress toward your biggest financial goals; simulate your long-term wealth-building and income projections; follow up on the progress of action items so far.

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